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Adeste Fideles John Francis Wade (1803)
All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night John Hill Hewitt (1863)
America Traditional (1861)
The Arkansas Traveller Traditional (1863)
Aura Lea George R. Poulton (1861)
The Battle Cry of Freedom George F. Root (1862)
Battle Hymn of the Republic ? (1862)
Beautiful River Robert Lowry (1866)
Ben Bolt Nelson F. Kneass? (1848)
The Bonnie Blue Flag Traditional (1861)
Brave Boys are They! Henry Clay Work (1861)
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny James A. Bland (1878)
Champagne Charlie Alfred Lee (1868)
Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean David T. Shaw (1843)
Darling Nelly Gray Benjamin R. Hanby (1856)
Der Deitcher’s Dog Septimus Winner (1864)
Dixie’s Land Daniel D. Emmett (1860)
Down in Alabam’ J. Warner (1858)
The Flying Trapeze George Leybourne (1868)
Gay As A Lark Septimus Winner (1876)
Glory! Glory! George F. Root (1866)
Goober Peas Traditional (1866)
Grafted into the Army Henry Clay Work (1862)
Grandfather’s Clock Henry Clay Work (1876)
Hail! Columbia Joseph Hopkinson (1798)
Home! Sweet Home! Henry Rowley Bishop (1823)
I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Thomas P. Westendorf (1876)
In the Evening By The Moonlight James A. Bland (1880)
Jeff in Petticoats Henry Tucker (1865)
Jim Crack Corn Traditional (1846)
Jingle Bells James Pierpont (1859)
Johnny Get Your Gun Monroe H. Rosenfeld (1886)
Joys That We’ve Tasted F. D. Benteen (1843)
Juanita Traditional (1855)
Just Before the Battle, Mother George F. Root (1864)
Kingdom Coming Henry Clay Work (1862)
Listen to the Mocking Bird Richard Milburn (1855)
The Little Brown Jug Joseph E. Winner (1869)
Long, Long Ago Thomas Haynes Bayly (?1830)
Lorena Joseph P. Webster (1862)
Marching Through Georgia Henry Clay Work (1865)
Maryland, My Maryland! Traditional (1861)
The Minstrel Boy Thomas Moore (?1798)
The Ocean Burial George N. Allen (1850)
Oft in the Stilly Night Thomas Moore (1815)
Oh! Dem Golden Slippers! James A. Bland (1879)
Oh My Darling Clementine Percy Montrose (1884)
Old Dan Tucker Traditional (1843)
The Old Oaken Bucket George Kiallmark ( ? )
Old Rosin the Beau Traditional (1838)
The Picture on the Wall Henry Clay Work (1864)
Polly Hopkins & Tommy Tompkins John Paddon (1827)
Pop Goes the Weasel Traditional (1859)
Reuben and Rachel William Gooch (1871)
Robin Adair Charles Coffey ( ? )
Rock’d in the Cradle of the Deep Joseph P. Knight (1840)
Shew! Fly, Don’t Bother Me T. Bringham Bishop (1869)
Silver Threads Among the Gold Hart Pease Danks (1873)
Sixty-Three Is the Jubilee D. A. French (1863)
Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key (1814)
Sweet By and By Joseph P. Webster (1868)
Sweet Genevieve Henry Tucker (1869)
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground Walter Kittredge (1864)
There Is a Tavern in the Town Traditional (1891)
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! George F. Root (1864)
Uncle Sam’s Farm Jesse Hutchinson Jr. (1850)
The Vacant Chair George F. Root (1862)
Vive la Compagnie Traditional (1844)
Wait for the Wagon Traditional (1851)
We Are Coming from the Cotton Fields J. C. Wallace (1864)
We Won’t Go Home Till Morning Traditional (1842)
When I Saw Sweet Nelly Home John Fletcher (1863)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Louis Lambert (1863)
When this Cruel War is Over Henry Tucker (1862)
When You and I Were Young, Maggie James A. Butterfield (1866)
Whispering Hope Septimus Winner (1868)
Woodman! Spare That Tree! Henry Russell (1837)
The Yellow Rose of Texas Traditional (1858)
Turkey in the Straw (Zip Coon) Traditional (1835)